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Abbey Angels Women's Netball Team

Who can play?

Anyone can as long as you are female and aged 18+, no prior knowledge of the game is needed (though it is helpful).  Commitment however, is essential!


We pride ourselves on our team spirit and we are as much a team off the court as on. We compete in tournaments away from home and abroad each year (this is not compulsory) and our team Christmas do is always the event of the year!!! We also have regular get togethers throughout the year.

How do I play?


To find out more about netball rules and game strategies, visit the official England Netball Rules.

How much is it?

We are currently a non training team, but are always looking for new members, so why don't you watch us play a game, or come and play in a friendly match that we have organised.


The Sept 2018- Aug 2019 membership fees have been set at £50 per person Additionally everyone must affiliate to England Netball ( approx £45 - £50). It costs £2.50 to play in each game.


The costs will ensure that you are affiliated to England netball, have the use of an Abbey Angels Kit for matches, ability to play in league games, use of all equipment & first aid kits at training and games, and subsidised social events.

How do I join?

Please contact us.

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